Rethinking New Year Resolutions: Building Sustainable Change in 2024

Top 3 thing to consider when crafting personalized 2024 goals and actually reach them.
Brandon Garcia
January 3, 2024
Rethinking New Year Resolutions: Building Sustainable Change in 2024

Ah, the arrival of a new year—a time synonymous with embarking on fresh diets, embracing new fitness routines, and adopting lifestyle overhauls. It's that season of 'starting over,' but let's face it—the challenge lies in making these beginnings count for lasting transformation.

In my 20 year journey as a coach, I've encountered a couple of recurring stumbling blocks:

Primarily, the tendency to leap onto one-size-fits-all programs or trends that fail to consider individual nuances. It's the allure of following a plan from a social media influencer or relying on generic apps, disregarding critical factors like age, stress levels, lifestyle, hormonal variations, and more.

And then, there's the consistency hurdle. Many lose steam due to burnout, lack of alignment with personal goals, and the persistent belief that the 'next' program will magically solve everything.

This year, instead of spinning the same wheels, it's time to seek solutions that check these crucial boxes:

  1. Alignment with your core values: Embracing elements like family time, staying connected with nature, and steering clear of restrictive measures that isolate you from real-life experiences.
  2. Extending beyond mere calorie counting and workouts: Focusing on holistic well-being—your mindset, surrounding environment, habitual patterns, and nurturing relationships.
  3. Adaptability through life's inevitable changes: Steering clear of crash-and-burn plans that promise a quick fix in 12 weeks but leave you more drained than when you began.

Looking ahead, I'm excited to announce a forthcoming free workshop tailored precisely to address these three pivotal elements. We'll delve deep into crafting a program that encapsulates your unique needs while reverse engineering your goals for 2024.

Interested in joining this transformative journey? Simply drop an email to If there's an enthusiastic response from more than 10 individuals, I'll swiftly lock in a date for next week to kickstart this collective quest for sustainable change.

Let's make 2024 the year of meaningful, lasting transformations!

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