Do I have to be fit to do CrossFit?

No, you do not need to be fit to start CrossFit. You do CrossFit to become fit; you don’t become fit to do CrossFit.
Brandon Garcia
January 11, 2024
Do I have to be fit to do CrossFit?

Let me throw a question your way: if you're drowning in math class, would you wait until you're a math wizard to get a tutor?

And if securing a comfy retirement is on your radar, would you delay consulting a financial planner until you're already swimming in wealth?

The obvious answer is "no".

You'd seek help from the pros, regardless of your current math skills or the state of your bank account.

Now, let's apply that logic to your fitness journey. If you're looking to lose some weight or eyeing an upgrade in your health and physique, the no-brainer starting point is the powerhouse that's proven itself time and again: CrossFit.

Trying to get in shape for CrossFit by starting a running program? That's like tackling math problems by attending a science class. There might be some crossover, but it won't slam-dunk you to your fitness goals. You do CrossFit to get fit; you don't hustle to get fit just for CrossFit.

We get it – walking into a CrossFit gym can feel like stepping into the unknown. But trust me, there's no better place to kick off your journey. CrossFit coaches are scaling ninjas, tailoring workouts to meet you exactly where you are. Like a math tutor breaking down algebra, they'll guide you through complex exercises.

Getting into CrossFit isn't rocket science. Many affiliates roll out entry-level programs, giving you the lowdown before diving into group sessions. Some integrate newbies right into classes, with a keen eye on proper progressions and meeting you at your starting line.

Every person who does CrossFit knows the struggle of those early days. The first workout is etched in our minds. That's why our community welcomes newbies with open arms. We've been there, felt the fear, conquered it, and we're pumped to see you do the same.

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