I Create As I Speak

Abracadabra" means "I Create As I Speak." Harness your power to shape reality with thoughts and words. Pursue excellence, manifest dreams.
Brandon Garcia
February 20, 2024
I Create As I Speak

We’ve all heard and even used the all-powerful magic word “Abracadabra!” It contains all the magical power needed to conjure the rabbit out of the hat, the bouquet of flowers from thin air, or whatever magical trick you are pulling off. One of the neat things about that word is its meaningful and diverse history (we’re gonna nerd for a minute, but stick with me, it’s worth it).

While it has many derivations and many stories tied to it (all of which center around it being magical in some form or another) the earliest derivation of it, to me, is the coolest. It ties all the way back to the ancient Aramaic phrase "Avra kadavra", translating closely to "I Create As I Speak". That statement contains profound power from that culture and I believe to us in our world today.

By accepting that "I CREATE AS I SPEAK," you acknowledge and embrace your inherent ability to sculpt your reality. Through conscious awareness, intent, and alignment with your subconscious mind, you wield the power to bring to reality your biggest dreams. It's a reminder of the profound influence you hold over your thoughts, words, and actions, and the transformative impact they have on shaping your reality.

Think about it. When you constantly say phrases like “i’m in a bad mood”, it perpetuates through the day and you tend to stay in a bad mood. It may be for no reason in particular, you’re just in a bad mood. Well, if you’re in a bad mood for no reason, why not be in a good mood for no reason? Why not use those same thought patterns and words to pull you out of the bad mood rather than keep you there?

Henry Ford once famously said “the man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right.” When creating the life of your dreams, wouldn’t you rather be the one who thinks they can?

Once you think it, say it! Repeatedly! And then go to work accomplishing it. Remind yourself "I CREATE AS I SPEAK." And then go about saying and doing the things that create the life and reality that you dreamed of!

Will it magically appear out of thin air like a rabbit out of a hat? Probably not. But it puts your mind and your actions in alignment to pursue the path that gets you to that life, which is far more exciting and really, the way life was meant to be lived…in pursuit of your best possible self.

It’s what the E in ELM represents. Excellence. And Excellence, in my definition, is the consistent, persistent pursuit of your best possible self. If you’re going to pursue it, you must first think it and speak it.

Now go. Throw out all the garbage language that constantly holds you back and ABRACADABRA your way to the life you’ve always dreamed.

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