Kate Petty

Kate Petty

CF-L2 Coach

Deadlift: 300lb

Snatch: 100lb

Fran: 6:21 RX

Max Handstand Push Ups: 29


Crossfit Level 1 Certification

Crossfit Level 2 Certification

Completing Doctor of Physical Therapy degree

About Coach

I was born and raised in Durango Colorado where skiing, mountain biking, white water rafting, and rock climbing were the norm. I've never been interested in organized sports, so when my friend invited me to try CrossFit one day I was hesitant but the rush I got after my first WOD got me hooked for life. My passion for Crossfit has even led me to pursue my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. I love how I can use what I gain from Crossfit in everything else I love to do in my life.

Turning Point

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when I was 3 years old. So, when I first tried Crossfit, I was worried about what my blood glucose levels would do with such intense activity. What happened was exactly the opposite of what I expected. Crossfit as a lifestyle- including exercise, diet, sleep, and more!- has helped me manage my Type 1 diabetes, stabilize my blood glucose levels, and let me achieve feats I would have never believed possible.

Motivation & Passion

To me, Crossfit is all about sustainable fitness. That means getting fit and strong now AND ensuring you'll be fit and strong as long as possible. I appreciate how Crossfit is scalable to all levels and can be tailored to individual needs, even in a group class setting. My goal as a coach is to make sure everyone gets a solid workout while ensuring that each athlete also gets a chance to work on their weaknesses and gradually improve, whether that's working towards their first kipping pull-up, their first strict muscle up, or (most importantly) working towards showing up consistently.

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